Our Vision is a conception, in which  people and corporations are deeply connected with its environment and its emotional, productive, historical, cultural context and the concept that the time investment on self growth and achievement of success, should be oriented in a context to honor the unique personal characteristics of each one and his/her/its temporal and functional perspective about personal and ocuppational world  and constructive business.

Because of this, we are a versatile team of advanced professionals with diverse training, who will facilitate the cross-sectional and multidimensional approach of the problems in a weighted multifactorial transdisciplinary matrix, enabling suitable solutions in the short and medium term.

Ductility and creativity, as well as ongoing training in new related fields of study, characterize the profile of our team, which allows the design of creative and effective solutions in each particular case.



CEO & San Francisco, CA, Office Manager
Luis D. Patino Martin MD, Neuroscience, Psychology, Corporate Mgmt.

CFO & Milano, Office Manager
Mary Ramundo, Finance, Logistic, Corporate Mgmt,  Cosmetic Dermatology

COO & Buenos Aires Office Manager
Carina G. Yudchak PsyD, Behavioral Sciences, Corporative Management.

Medical Area Coordinator
David P. Barbieri MD, Internal Medicine & Audit

Human Nutrition Coordinator
Vanesa Champagne. BS. Nutrition

Social Health and Training
Jesica Maza. Psychology, Social Health & Training

Digital Technology Manager 
Romina R. Hernandez. Virtual Systems & Informatic

Community Manager
NIcholas Abregu  Marketing and Networks


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